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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 27, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tears for teddy. remembering one of the senate's legendary legislators. >> so many of his foes embrace him because they know he made them bigger. he made them more graceful. look out danny. tropical storm danny expected to clip the east coast. and digging for the story. a reporter knocks on the wrong door at the wrong time. >> wait a minute! wait a minute! get out of my [ bleep ]. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. this morning a black shroud drapes over ted kennedy's senate desk. later following a private ceremony at the family's hyannis port home, it will be moved to the john kennedy presidential library in washington to lie in repose. hari sreenivasan is here with more. hari, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. all the places that ted kennedy's body travels through over the next few days have a special significance in the life of the senator. the grand sendoff for the late senator ted kennedy will begin this afternoon with a procession through the streets of his beloved hometown. >> what we're going to do the next few days is celebrate his life. >> reporter: kennedy's body will be taken here to the john f. kennedy library in boston. he'll lie in repose until friday night when a private memorial will be held. mourners have already begun showing up. >> i came because i've admired the family from afar for a very long time, especially senator
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kennedy, because he was all about other people, helping people. >> reporter: from massachusetts to capitol hill, thousands are remembering the popular senator, even the sports world. at last night's red sox game, kennedy's favorite baseball team honored their number one fan. this morning the kennedy family is gathering here in hyannis port, where the senator spent his final hours. they'll have a private mass before accompanying his body to boston. >> people around here revered him, and i think that he was worthy of that. >> reporter: on saturday president obama will speak during the private yad lour ly basilica. the boston church had a special meaning for kennedy, who prayed there every day when his daughter kara was battling cancer. kennedy will be buried next to his brothers john and robert at arlington national cemetery, a resting place for the nation's heroes. this is a tight knit community here in hyannis port. they are flying their flags at half staff because they don't just miss a senator, they miss a
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friend. reporting live, hari sreenivasan. for decades, the kennedy compound in hyannis port was like a magnet that drew the family in good times and bad. a place to kickback, celebrate achievement, and to regrou p followinou hardship. jeff glor reports. >> reporter: for 83 years, hyannis port has been a place of retreat and renewal for america's greatest political dynasty. now they remember a patriarch, and this town remembers a friend. sam barber sold him paintings. >> i'm going to miss him terribly. i'm speechless. >> reporter: ted kennedy's father bought a cottage here in 1928, thinking it would be good for the kids' health. three decades later, ted's brothers john and robert purchased surrounding homes, creating this three acre property simply known as the compound. john is the editor of "the last lion." >> for years of his life, this was the home. this was the one home they kept
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returning to. they lived in new york, massachusetts, london, england, but for john, this was his anchor. >> reporter: the brothers played their famous games of touch football on the lawn here, training for the youngest brother, a star at harvard. >> i think this was the center of his young world. so many things happened here. certainly, in times of tragedy, this is where the kennedys gathered. >> reporter: a place of mourning too many times for the kennedy clan. ted was there in 1999 when he learned of john jr.'s death. >> he loved the sea, just being out on the ocean. we all know about his deep and abiding faith. i think that must have been part of it. >> reporter: right up until the very end, after he was diagnosed with brain cancer, he went home and straight to the water, sailing in the race and placing second with his wife vicki at his side. he once said this compound was a
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place to unwind, to be refreshed by the sun and the sea. this is where he said good-bye. jeff glor, cbs news, hyannis, massachusetts. choosing a president in afghanistan turns out to be more like a soap opera than an election. the final results from last week's balloting won't be ready until next month. with 17% of the ballots counted, president hamid karzai has nearly 40% of the votes. his chief rival, former prime minister abdullah abdullah has 35%. if neither candidate gets 50% of the vote, a run-off will be held. meanwhile, the u.s. military says two more americans were killed in afghanistan. they died yesterday following separate explosions. 43 americans have been killed in afghanistan this month. a just released cia memo from 2004 details the harsh guidelines that were in effect for interrogating high value terror suspects after 9/11. detainees were told they were under the complete control of their captors. they were stripped and kept
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awake for up to 180 hours, which is about 7 1/2 days. and if they didn't give up information, they were slapped, and their hands repeatedly slammed into walls. president obama has ordered new interrogation guidelines. south carolina governor mark sanford seays, as much as he'd like to, it would be wrong to resign. yesterday sanford rejected calls from his lute governor to step down. sanford admit an affair with an argentine woman, and there are questions how he paid for his travel. republicans in the south carolina house are expected to discuss impeaching sanford this weekend. author dominick dunne has died following a long battle with bladder cancer. he wrote best-selling crime novels and may be best known for his coverage of high profile crime cases such as the simpson trial. dominick dunne was 83 years old. on the cbs money watch, most
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stock markets in asia were lower this morning. >> japan's benchmark nikkei slumped 1..5%1.5%. hong kong stocks lost more than 1%. the dow starts the day up just 4 points. the tech heavy nasdaq is little changed. investors will be watching the latest updated numbers on second quarter economic growth. the economy probably shrank at a slightly faster 1.5% pace from april to june compared with a 1% drop reported last month. the latest weekly jobless claims report is also due before the start of trading. the agency that insures your bank deposits may need a bailout of its own. for the first time since the savings and loan crisis of the 1990s, the fcdic could be force to borrow billions of dollars from the treasury because it's running out of money. today chairman sheila baer will disclose how much money is left in the fdnéñ insurance fund and list the banks on the troubled
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watch list. so far1 banks have failed compared to just 25 last year. there's another sign the housing market is rebounding. new home sales in july rose 9.6%. it's the fourth straight monthly increase. and the cash for clunkers program finished under budget. the transportation department says dealers submitted nearly 700,000 vouchers totaling just under $2.9 billion. the program had a $3 billion budget. michelle? >> all right. claire leka here in new york. claire, thanks. just ahead on the morning news, tracking tropical storm danny as it makes a run for the east coast. plus h1n1 hype. health officials say don't panic over worst case scenarios. first, katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> as citizens pay their respects to senator ted kennedy, we'll look at the next generation of the kennedy family. how they're pursuing public service outsinf pli office. our coverage continues tonight on the cbs evening news live
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when a tv reporter knocked on a door in cocoa beach, florida, looking for information about a local scandal, she got a lot more than that. this woman came outside shouting and twirling a garden hoe and went on the attack. she drove the news crew off her lawn, took a swing at one camera man, clipping the camera with a hoe before retracting and back into the house, shouting insults all the way. no injuries were reported. can you imagine? that's one startled reporter. and speaking of threats, tropical storm danny could be a big one for the east coast by this weekend. danny's 50-mile-per-hour winds are now centered east of the bahamas. forecasters say it could be a category 1 hurricane by early saturday when it's likely to hit north carolina. moving up the coast, it should reach the northeast later on saturday. government health officials have backed off from an estimate that 90,000 americans could die
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from the h1n1 swine flu this winter. they say that's not a likely scenario. but they say it is likely to be a busy flu season. so they hope to have millions of doses of the new h1n1 vaccine tested and ready by mid-october. x-rays, c.a.t. scans, mammograms, and other procedures are common and effective tools for diagnosing illness. but a new study suggests americans who undergo such tests repeatedly may be at risk of being exposed to risky amounts of radiation. manuel gallegus reports. >> reporter: john wilks needs a c.a.t. scan to help doctors correct a problem. >> i can't get my heart fixed without having a c.a.t. scan. >> reporter: from scans to x-rays to mammograms doctors rely on these, but each procedure exposes people to ionized radiation. the study looked at insurance claims of nearly 1 million adults. about 70% had at least one
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procedure over a three-year period. the result? >> about one-fifth of patients exposed to moderate radiation. >> reporter: a smaller number of patients were exposed to high levels, and multiple procedures could be a problem over time. >> the radiation may increase their chance of having cancer in the future, but we are not sure about that. >> reporter: the study may be a wakeup call to doctors. >> i think we have to be aware that the radiation that we give, and we don't have to use it freely. >> reporter: but john wilks knows his test is vital. >> if there's a risk involved, i'm certainly willing to take it. >> reporter: because it's the first step in fixing his heart. manuel gallegus, cbs news, los angeles. now to baseball's long-running steroid scandal. a federal appeals panel ruled yesterday that investigators had no right to see the confidential list of players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. barring a supreme court appeal, the test results will be destroyed. straight ahead, your
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, mostly sunny, 77. miami, afternoon storms, 90. chicago, rain, 68. denver, 85. los angeles, sunny and 83 degrees.
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time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows it's still gray and stormy over the plains and midwest even after yesterday's downpours. many places got two to four inches of rain. later today more rain will fall along these areas, and the rain will be heavy at times. it will also be gray and wet across the ohio valley. thunderstorms likely across the southeast, and the northeast will be cool and dry. it may turn very stormy later tomorrow and saturday as tropical storm danny moves up the east coast. in sports, the dodgers and the rockies faced off in a crucial national league matchup. andre ethier hit two of l.a.'s three home runs, and randy wolf won his fourth straight start to lift the dodgers up 6-1. in pittsburgh ryan howard's three-run homer in the tenth saves the day after the philly bullpen blew yet another lead. philadelphia has now won 13 of its last 16 games.
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to the american league and boston, where david ortiz's second home run of the game broke a ninth inning tie and gave the red sox a 3-2 victory over chicago. it was big papi's tenth career walk-off homer. and in new york, jorge posada put the yankees up early with this three-run blast, and andy pettitte allowed just two runs over five innings to win his third straight. new york beats the texas rangers 9-2. when we return, remembering senator ted kennedy in his own words. you're confronted with choices. you can choose to feel sorry for yourself. i hope you don't. i hope you choose to get involved with a good doctor. find out some things about diabetes. and your own body in the bargain. you'll learn to check your own blood sugar. and check it often. that, along with a simple diet and exercise program, can help keep your diabetes under control. if you're on medicare call liberty medical.
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. heavy rain will continue to swamp sections of the midwest and plains. it will also turn gray and wet through the ohio valley and be a beautiful day throughout the west. here's another look at this
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morning's top story. a private mass will be held for senator ted kennedy at the family's hyannis port home today before kennedy's body is taken to the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston to lie in repose. kennedy will be buried saturday alongside his brother in arlington national cemetery. edward kennedy spent most of his life in the public eye, and he often captivated the public ear as a speaker of uncommon eloquence. here's cbs' jeff greenfield. >> for nearly half a century, ted kennedy's words helped define him to america. as a mourner 30 years ago, he spoke of his brother robert. >> we remembered him as a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it. >> reporter: 30 years later he said of his nephew john jr., we dared to think that this john kennedy would live to comb gray
4:51 am
hair. he could have been speaking of himself, the only one of four brothers who lived past 50. sometimes he had to speak of personal failure, the death of a young woman at chappaquiddick. >> there is no truth, no truth whatever to the widely circulated suspicions of immoral conduct that have been leveled at my behavior and hers regarding that evening. >> reporter: later in life he spoke of his own failings in blunt terms, rare for a politician. >> i recognize my own shortcomings. the faults in the conduct of my private life. i realize that i alone am responsible for them. and i am the one who must confront them. >> reporter: his words could be relentlessly, harshly partisan, as when he led the fight to block a supreme court nomination. >> in robert forks' america, there is no room in the end for blacks and no place in the constitution for women.
4:52 am
and in our america, there should be no seat on the supreme court for robert bourque. >> reporter: but he could also share his view with republicans for whom he shared no political beliefs. >> and president bush was there every step of the way. >> reporter: the assassinations of john and robert kennedy meant their lives will always be measured in terms of possibilities, but ted kennedy died in the fullness of his years. so his words and deeds, his triumphs and failures can be measured in full. >> let this be our commitment. whatever sacrifices musting made will be shared and shared fairly. let this be our confidence at the end of our journey and always before us shines that ideal of liberty and justice for all. >> reporter: jeff greenfield, cbs news, new york. and coming up this morning on "the early show," maggie rodriguez will be live from the john f. kennedy presidential library as the nation says farewell to ted kennedy. i'm michelle guillen. this is the cbs morning news.
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the sendoff of the late senator condition did will begin this afternoon. a motorcade will take his body to boston. he will lie in repose tonight at the john f. kennedy presidential library. after a funeral mass on saturday he will be brought her to washington for burial alongside his brothers at arlington national cemetery. no word on possible suspects or a motive in a deadly stabbing in northwest washington. the attack happened on wednesday afternoon in the 200 block of c street. officers found two wounded adults. one pronounced dead at the hospital and the second is expected to survive. maryland board of public works has approved budget cuts including layoffs of 202 employees, most at the health department. other workers will be furloughed up to ten days depending on their salaries. >> a little muggy out there. more humidity and danny is strengthening with winds 60 miles an hour. i will talk about danny a lot.
4:57 am
but i wi tellatouwh n cactpeex as n expect as you step outside a little humidity and clear sky and clouds but a fairly quiet morning in most regions. lo g inokat temperatures inreheins no 50sbu t in washington. no 50s but a few spots in the mid 550s like manassas and culpeper. 74 on the bay in annapolis. we will see temperatures in the mid-80s by noon. upper 80s to finish out the day. good morning, angie goff. hello. big traffic alert to kick things off on this thursday morning early. for those that travel 295 take note. headed southbound at eastern it is closed. northbound it is closed due to a police investigation. we will have more coming up on he show. moving to alexandria a downed tree. and then finally 95 northbound we are all clear fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. >> the loss of senator kennedy
4:58 am
is felt a little more at american university. the family has a rich legacy at au. president john f. kennedy made one of his most important speeches there in ' 63 and last year senator kennedy endorsed barack obama for president there. >> i feel change in the air. >> reporter: it was the moment many believe that catapulted barack obama in to the white house. an endorsement from senator edward kennedy on the campus of american university. >> with barack obama we will close the book on the old politics of race against race, gender against gender, ethnic group against ethnic group. >> all the kennedys are supporting him. it is amazing. >> reporter: cbs political news consultant worked on kennedy's presidential campaign in ' 80. she was in the crowd for this
4:59 am
historic moment, too. >> he clearly decided this person was going to be the heir to his brother, pass the torch, if you will to president obama. >> reporter: it was an unforgettable day for will hubbard, the president of the kennedy political union. a group named for the famous family that helped to bring movers and shakers to campus. >> a lot of political energy on campus. everybody can ' feel it. just seeing him was exciting for me. >> reporter: he vowed to vote on president obama's health care bill even if he had to crawl there on his knees. she believes his legacy on health care will be done posthumously. it may give democrats the impetus to say stop our bickering and get something done. >> reporter: a fire he lit under many american university students at hips time on campus it. >> will be interesting to see


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